when worst becomes first.

2008-12-11 00:54:58 by turbosage


just thought I would ramble on a bit about some things that I feel like rambling on about.

One thing I'm sure about even more than the my ever growing forehead is my love for the TurboGrafx 16. Oh that sweet sexy black piece of plastic that I once called my first love.... How I miss the smell of dual core 8-bit processing. I give myself a chubby just thinking about her twin turbo switches on each Turbo Pad, I just love to swith them to the on position with my tongue and feel her I and II buttons with the tip of it. Making sure to be gentle with her, you don't want to get it completely drenched in saliva as it could damage those beautiful NES inspired controllers. I remember on cold winter nights just enjoying taking my favorite Turbo Chip (ninja spirit) and inserting it into her HuCard Slot. Sometimes the game wouldn't play right away so I would have to blow on the Card and slowly penetrate the HuCard slot in and out to get it just right.... and almost like sexual magic the game's amazing opening music would start to play. At the time I we were just having fun, but now I realize that I may never enjoy another minute of my life like I did back then.....

Oh how I should have never discarded you my sweet TurboGrafx 16, if I would have realized the pain I am going through right now, not being able to play you at a moments notice, I would have never sold you......

I miss you TG16, I miss you dearly-

And someday we will be reunited.

But until that day, all I can do is dream...........

Love, Joshie the wonder blimp ;)

when worst becomes first.


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