Kasumi Ninja

2008-12-12 00:33:48 by turbosage

I had like 3 sneezing fits today- and each time I swear I was saying Gyaku! So now whenever I sneeze or whenever I hear someone sneeze I'm starting to hear gyaku in my head. Who is Gyaku, well he's the final boss in the legendary turd sandwich known only as Kasumi Ninja on the Atari Jaguar. What is Kasumi Ninja? Well for starters its a one on one fighter with crazy awesome dgitized characters that span the likes of the the scottish brawler Angus McGreggor to Chagi Nelson the kickboxer to Pakawa the Indian Cheif! Not only do these characters have the lack of depth not seen since the works of Gentry Lee, but I swear Atari gave hand made software a weekend to complete this game from start to finish. The moves look like crap, the sound is awful, and the music....ugh- what music?

But somehow this timeless classic sticks out in my memory. Its one of those games that is just SO SO unbelievably bad that its actually fun. Especially with a group of friends- and hell add some alcohol and this game is downright enjoyable!! Kasumi Ninja does have a few redeeming factors- The background stages are very well animated. I mean the Jag was a 64-bit console and this is one of the few games that actually looked like it could pass for 64-bit. I mean its NO clayfighters 63 1/3, but its pretty damn good looking.

All in all I would give this masterpiece of shit a 2 out of 5, but if your with friends and you've been drinking it gets bumped up to a 4 out of 5.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

Olive Juice


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