Say What?

2008-12-19 23:49:39 by turbosage

About Me:

Name: Joshua
Sex: Male
Born: January 10th 1979
Home: Central Wisconsin
Married: Its complicated
Relationship status: Madly in love
Will Travel to: Japan, Italy, Ireland
Loves: His Children and his Tasha
Hates: Soda Pop
Wants to: Change the world
Needs to: Carry on!
Lost virginity: Nope
Misses: The TurboGrafx
Is jelous of: .........
Favorite Video Game: Ys Book I& II
Favorite Video game Console: Turbo Duo
Least Favorite game Console: Xbox 360
Favorite PC game: Ys Eternal
Favorite Website: gEo
Favorite OS: Toss up Windows ME or Ubuntu
Favorite Arcade game: Magician Lord
Favorite food: Ramen
Favorite Drink: Olive Juice
Favorite Band: Opeth
Childhood hero: Hulk Hogan
Favorite Cartoon: He-Man
Least favorite Cartoon: Chundercats
Best job: My current one
Worst Job: Window Factory work
Change one thing?: Not been forbidden

You know what? I just realized that this is really lame, and I shouldn't be wasting time doing this crap when I've got like 18 million other projects I SHOULD be working on.. haha.

Heres a random pic of something that I was working on a few months ago but since have lost interest in....

Say What?


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2008-12-20 00:09:00

Glad to know newgrounders a little more deeper. Anyway, mind if I shared you information about me? ws/post/202722