What pisses me off!!

2008-12-22 23:08:07 by turbosage

Packers Current NFL season. Ugh, I mean seriously- I've seen some of the worst play calling this season. How many of those 3rd and 1 or 2 yards to go, do we see Aaron Rodgers throwing a 10+ yard pass and it falling incomplete? I understand that the opponent is probably expecting a run for the short yardage, but for nearly every time we run into a 3rd and short? The play calling has been obsured this season for sure.

Its also far too easy to just pick on our quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the obvious reason of being the replacement for the legendary Brett Favre, but I'm not going to do that. The Packers are not losing because of their quarterback play. Rodgers has played a very good year, and its his first season as a starter. The offensive rushing attack, and all too many times the Packers overall Defense. Some games they can't stop the run, and others they have NO pass defense... (saints game....ugh) If anything one of the strong points would have to be Aaron Rodgers. He will get better, he will work on consistancy and I can only pray that McCarthy and Co. will work on Play calling that better fits the offensive strengths.

We have seen flashes of greatness this season with our Pack! And we can only hope that that growns into something amazing next season.

But until next season, stare at this mind bending pic. If you look at it for 30 seconds you will surely go mad!!!


What pisses me off!!


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