So here we are- Its been ages since the last guns n roses album was released, and now finally in 2009 (2008) I'm finally listening to a new original album of theirs... Well.. Really its just Axel Rose. But regardless its a new album with Guns n' Roses on the cover- so that's a bonus right there!!

First thing I want to point out is that the sound of this album, well about 90% of it is completely new, there is little to NO songs, or even parts of songs that sound like paradise city or welcome to the jungle... so if your expecting daddy's classic GNR then you have another thing coming!!

At first listen to Chinese democracy I was not too impressed. After hearing the album title song and 'better' I was sort of let down by the rest of the album. Shackler's revenge sounds way too Linkin Park/ KORN like to me, and the rest of the songs didn't seem to fit anything that I once knew the great GNR sound to be.

but I didn't give up. Matter of fact as of writing this I am about 10 times through the entire album, with listening to 'sorry' 'better' and 'prostitute' probably about 40 times each. For some reason they just caught on with me. I'm finding that while I'm not entirely in love with this sound, the music, or even the songs in general ,that the overall message of some of these songs has connected with me in a sort of out of body experience.

I can't really explain it, and may never admit it in public, but Its a pleasent suprise. Chinese democracy gets to stay in my music collection. I think that throughout the years I will continue to enjoy this album that can even be described as a bit odd...

There are a few pretty dark spots on this album... If the world and There was a time are still two tracks I have a hard time listening to. I have a hard time believing that even Axel listens to these tracks...

Street of Dreams and Catcher in the Rye almost touches on a sound or riff from some of the lighter songs from Use your allusion....almost... I didn't care for these tracks much at first but now I quite enjoy them...

Both Scraped and Riad are pretty odd tunes with some decent rock guitars, I'm kind of meh about both songs...

not a fan or IRS or Madagascar (the fuck kind of name is that anyway??) although madagascar does pay some tribute to older songs towards the end.. "What we've got here is failure to communicate"

This I love is a decent tune, kind of like the older November Rain, just nowhere near as

but yea for the most part I like it, don't hate it...

And hell-

Its way better than Spaghetti incident!!

Just a quick post

2009-01-03 00:54:56 by turbosage

Just on my way out of work for the night, just wanted to quickly shout out that I hate fucking liars and look to a future without all the drama....

Have a great weekend, and I will be back on Monday.

When am I gonna get around to posting a flash on newgrounds?

and whats WireHead 2?


What pisses me off!!

2008-12-22 23:08:07 by turbosage

Packers Current NFL season. Ugh, I mean seriously- I've seen some of the worst play calling this season. How many of those 3rd and 1 or 2 yards to go, do we see Aaron Rodgers throwing a 10+ yard pass and it falling incomplete? I understand that the opponent is probably expecting a run for the short yardage, but for nearly every time we run into a 3rd and short? The play calling has been obsured this season for sure.

Its also far too easy to just pick on our quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the obvious reason of being the replacement for the legendary Brett Favre, but I'm not going to do that. The Packers are not losing because of their quarterback play. Rodgers has played a very good year, and its his first season as a starter. The offensive rushing attack, and all too many times the Packers overall Defense. Some games they can't stop the run, and others they have NO pass defense... (saints game....ugh) If anything one of the strong points would have to be Aaron Rodgers. He will get better, he will work on consistancy and I can only pray that McCarthy and Co. will work on Play calling that better fits the offensive strengths.

We have seen flashes of greatness this season with our Pack! And we can only hope that that growns into something amazing next season.

But until next season, stare at this mind bending pic. If you look at it for 30 seconds you will surely go mad!!!


What pisses me off!!

Say What?

2008-12-19 23:49:39 by turbosage

About Me:

Name: Joshua
Sex: Male
Born: January 10th 1979
Home: Central Wisconsin
Married: Its complicated
Relationship status: Madly in love
Will Travel to: Japan, Italy, Ireland
Loves: His Children and his Tasha
Hates: Soda Pop
Wants to: Change the world
Needs to: Carry on!
Lost virginity: Nope
Misses: The TurboGrafx
Is jelous of: .........
Favorite Video Game: Ys Book I& II
Favorite Video game Console: Turbo Duo
Least Favorite game Console: Xbox 360
Favorite PC game: Ys Eternal
Favorite Website: gEo
Favorite OS: Toss up Windows ME or Ubuntu
Favorite Arcade game: Magician Lord
Favorite food: Ramen
Favorite Drink: Olive Juice
Favorite Band: Opeth
Childhood hero: Hulk Hogan
Favorite Cartoon: He-Man
Least favorite Cartoon: Chundercats
Best job: My current one
Worst Job: Window Factory work
Change one thing?: Not been forbidden

You know what? I just realized that this is really lame, and I shouldn't be wasting time doing this crap when I've got like 18 million other projects I SHOULD be working on.. haha.

Heres a random pic of something that I was working on a few months ago but since have lost interest in....

Say What?

Kasumi Ninja

2008-12-12 00:33:48 by turbosage

I had like 3 sneezing fits today- and each time I swear I was saying Gyaku! So now whenever I sneeze or whenever I hear someone sneeze I'm starting to hear gyaku in my head. Who is Gyaku, well he's the final boss in the legendary turd sandwich known only as Kasumi Ninja on the Atari Jaguar. What is Kasumi Ninja? Well for starters its a one on one fighter with crazy awesome dgitized characters that span the likes of the the scottish brawler Angus McGreggor to Chagi Nelson the kickboxer to Pakawa the Indian Cheif! Not only do these characters have the lack of depth not seen since the works of Gentry Lee, but I swear Atari gave hand made software a weekend to complete this game from start to finish. The moves look like crap, the sound is awful, and the music....ugh- what music?

But somehow this timeless classic sticks out in my memory. Its one of those games that is just SO SO unbelievably bad that its actually fun. Especially with a group of friends- and hell add some alcohol and this game is downright enjoyable!! Kasumi Ninja does have a few redeeming factors- The background stages are very well animated. I mean the Jag was a 64-bit console and this is one of the few games that actually looked like it could pass for 64-bit. I mean its NO clayfighters 63 1/3, but its pretty damn good looking.

All in all I would give this masterpiece of shit a 2 out of 5, but if your with friends and you've been drinking it gets bumped up to a 4 out of 5.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

Olive Juice

when worst becomes first.

2008-12-11 00:54:58 by turbosage


just thought I would ramble on a bit about some things that I feel like rambling on about.

One thing I'm sure about even more than the my ever growing forehead is my love for the TurboGrafx 16. Oh that sweet sexy black piece of plastic that I once called my first love.... How I miss the smell of dual core 8-bit processing. I give myself a chubby just thinking about her twin turbo switches on each Turbo Pad, I just love to swith them to the on position with my tongue and feel her I and II buttons with the tip of it. Making sure to be gentle with her, you don't want to get it completely drenched in saliva as it could damage those beautiful NES inspired controllers. I remember on cold winter nights just enjoying taking my favorite Turbo Chip (ninja spirit) and inserting it into her HuCard Slot. Sometimes the game wouldn't play right away so I would have to blow on the Card and slowly penetrate the HuCard slot in and out to get it just right.... and almost like sexual magic the game's amazing opening music would start to play. At the time I we were just having fun, but now I realize that I may never enjoy another minute of my life like I did back then.....

Oh how I should have never discarded you my sweet TurboGrafx 16, if I would have realized the pain I am going through right now, not being able to play you at a moments notice, I would have never sold you......

I miss you TG16, I miss you dearly-

And someday we will be reunited.

But until that day, all I can do is dream...........

Love, Joshie the wonder blimp ;)

when worst becomes first.

December 10th 2008

2008-12-10 22:07:45 by turbosage

Holy monkey ass- I nearly forgot how cool Newgrounds was. I've been looking for something to do on the internet as I've truly been burned out on it. I work Online, I play Online, and I masturbate.... ONLINE!! Damn, why not just add wasting time here ONLINE!!


Shits been pretty deep lately, so expect me to be posting more and more here on good ole newgrounds!

All HAIL motherfucking Newgrounds!!

December 10th 2008